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Repurposed Unisex Denim Shirt

Handmade for you by Sirigaitta 😇

Repurposed Unisex Denim Shirt.
Hand-stitched on a light blue denim shirt with embroidery thread and pieces of random fabrics. This is a reused and repurposed piece. One of a kind.

Excerpt from Sirigaitta's post on Instagram, further explaining this piece:

"I finished this shirt roughly a year or so ago. I made it as a part of a project I was involved in (...)
This shirt is the embodiment of mental diarrhoea. It has lyrics to some of my favourite songs, stuff that I say to myself internally or just out loud, random doodles and it’s just a messy pile of thoughts and feelings stitched onto a piece of fabric. It is also a very real representation of “business in the front, party in the back”, am I right?!"

Size: XL (Men's)
!! Hand wash and natural drying only !!

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