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The Important Bits

Hey, Best Friend!

If you're here, it's probably because you're interested in stocking your products on Your Best Friend's House! Woo!

We’re so pleased you’re going to be part of the community! Together, we’re gonna get your voice heard and products seen by loads of new pals.

So, as promised here’s all the important bits to get started on Your Best Friend’s House...


Let’s get started...

We may have already been through the process of getting your products on the website, however, if you’re still getting prepped for this, here is a reminder of what we need from you…

- A short bio about your brand (between 250-600 words please)

- Your brand logo

- A photo of you, or something that sums up your brand 

- Your fave products that you want to sell on YBFH with their names

- Each product should have 3 images available

- Each product should have a description available

- Each product should have a product cost in GBP + shipping cost provided for both local and international orders

- Your Shipping and Returns Policy (doesn’t have to be long, just will you accept returns, and how long can customers expect to wait to receive their products)

Please send over your images in either png/jpeg format via We Transfer  - https://wetransfer.com/ (This seems to be the simplest method to keep everything together in one place and allows us to upload it to the site with ease.)

For copy/text for your brand bios, product titles/descriptions as shown above etc, we will create a document in which you can enter all the above text which we need to make your page. This seems to be the easier method rather than lots of emails! Just give us the thumbs up that you want to start the process of loading your products onto the site, and we'll get a document made up for you. 

As always, any questions, just holla at us!


Marketing Activity 

It is our aim (once they are ready…) to get a Welcome pack sent to you, which will include an array of business cards and flyers which we ask you to include in your orders which have been made through Your Best Friend’s House.

We would also love it if we could send you some interview questions which we will upload the answers to on our blog, alongside some of your product imagery!

In addition to the above, we will also get eyeballs on your products through Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest advertising - if you oppose any of these please get in touch - but we promise this is all part of the process.


Let’s do Business Baby…

Of course, all of this wonderfulness will happen, but we both need to understand payment information. Your Best Friend’s House will take a 12% commission from each sale, not including shipping costs. 

You will receive an email to say when an order has been made, including the shipping address and customer name & email (if you need it to continue conversation for custom orders). Within this email you will see the total payment made for the order - there will be a 12% deduction made from this payment, not including shipping costs. 

Vendors are asked to supply a postal tracking code and notify us when the customer receives their product. Once the customer has successfully received their product, payments are made on the 7th and 21st of each month. However, we do aim to make this payout sooner.

We also have a Vendor Agreement Contract, which both Your Best Friend's House ltd and the Vendor will sign. 


Wanna catch up?

C’mon, let’s talk. If you have any more questions for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our gal, Sal. Please bear in mind she is currently a one woman show.  

Email: sally@ybfh.co.uk

Whatsapp: 07960 096875 or fill out a contact form here: www.ybfh.co.uk/pages/contact-us 

The above forms of contact are monitored between 9am-6pm EST Monday - Friday. We’ll aim to get back to you within 3 working days.

Thank you so much! If we're good to go, drop Sally a reply to her email and we'll get back to you with next steps!