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Things are changing with our application process...

 We’re so pleased you’re interested in being part of the YBFH community, it honestly means the world to us!

Things will be changing this time around with applications, as we want to make sure both you and your small business can make the most out of being within the community.

If you are successful with your application we will be taking a fee of £35 to get the process started. To put it simply, this covers the time it takes to get you onto the website. But rest assured, there are now EVEN MORE reasons to be a part of YBFH… 

A space for your business on the YBFH website

That’s right. Your business will have its own space within the YBFH website, allowing you to shout about your products, tell customers why you started and what you’re all about. Better yet, your products will be featured on our website’s homepage to a large scale audience, and you’ll have your own collection page full of your products! 

An introductory post on social media and many more…

To shout about your arrival to the YBFH community, we like to post about every single maker who comes to the site. We want to make sure we introduce you in the best way - we create stand out posts and stories to keep the people wanting more!

Not only that, we like to keep shouting about your work on our social media - go check it out for yourselves if you don’t believe us! We want your products to be seen by more valuable customers. 


An extra push for your business 

We are firm believers in every little helps when it comes to small businesses. We want to give you a great opportunity to share more about your brand with the world. From your usual facebook and instagram posts to fully fledged video content, blog features, podcasts, PR opportunities and more! We want as many people as possible to hear about your business! 


And many more future opportunities 

This is just the beginning for YBFH. We see a big future ahead for our business, and we want you to be part of it. 
The dream is to have a shop in central Brighton and many others across the UK, stocking your products for even more eyes to see. 
Ever dreamt of doing a workshop? Telling EVEN MORE people about your brand? We want to help facilitate that. 
We are big dreamers and we want you to come and enjoy the ride...


Why does it cost money to be part of the YBFH community?

YBFH is currently a one woman show, meaning all the above does come at a cost. 
We originally opened our doors to many small businesses (30 to be exact) and we are forever grateful - but after each maker took about 3-4 hours to get loaded onto the site, it seemed like we were working (very) hard for not much return!
If we put a price tag on you being part of the YBFH community, it will give us even more reason to strive to help your small business and in return it means we get to facilitate even more exciting opportunities in the future. We gotta invest in YBFH to help it grow! And you can help be a part of that. 

Take me to the application form!