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Meet the Maker - ElGrecova

My brand is a kaleidoscopic explosion of colour and line. It sees beyond reality as we know it, it sees the underlying mystical dimensions. It doesn’t answer questions, on contrary, it celebrates the mystery.

It’s for the magicians, the believers, the looney ones, the crystal collectors, the moon-observers, the dream interpreters, the underdogs, the wildflowers and many more. My main influences are nature, tribal cultures, geometry and magic. I also love placing hidden symbols and details into my work that have a strong symbolic value. In short, you could refer to my art as trippy and psychedelic, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide! 

Shipping is between 1-3 business days, using Royal Mail standard delivery option.
Returns Policy: I will accept and offer refunds if the item is delivered either damaged or does not arrive within 2 weeks since placing order. This really depends on a country the package is being sent to. Once the item is shipped, it’s mainly dependent on Royal Mail services, hence a 2 week wait would be the longest. After that I will offer either a money refund or replace the product altogether. 

Usually the package arrives within a couple days from shipping date in the UK and up to a week in Europe. It might take up to 10 days to arrive in the USA and the rest of the world.  

If there are any issues or customers have any questions whatsoever, they can either contact me on my email: elgrecova.art@gmail.com or my instagram DM @elgrecova.art