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May 07, 2021 4 min read

Why You Should Buy Chunky Jewellery From Small Brands

Chunky jewellery has been all the rage this year, and here at Your Best Friend’s House we love it too! If you are wanting to get involved with this quirky trend, why not choose to support a small jewellery brand, instead of buying from a fast fashion retailer? If you aren’t convinced already by the chunky jewellery brands on offer, here are some reasons why you should support small businesses next time you are looking for your chunky accessory-fix:


Fun designs

Small jewellery brands can have some really fun and artistic designs. As they aren’t dictated by the trends, they can offer funky products that can’t be found on the high street. Designs can reflect the personality of the artist and what they want in their jewellery. Whether this be marvellous colours or intricate patterns, you can really find something new for everyone when looking for chunky jewellery.

ShopGrax designs earrings with ‘fun’ as the aim! Grace makes funky polymer clay earrings with jazzy, colourful designs that you just can’t get enough of! If you are looking to make a bold statement with your jewellery, or just thinking you need to spice up your outfit, ShopGrax has so many lovely designs to choose from.


Unique accessories

Some chunky jewellery sold by small businesses is completely unique! Handmade products that differ depending on the design technique used create individual products that are the only ones to exist in the world ever! There is something so cool about knowing you are the only person wearing a particular set of chunky earrings - this is especially amazing if you are someone who prides themselves on their individuality and personal style!

The earrings designed by EarringsByEva are all completely unique as she uses polymer clay and only makes them in small batches. Handmade chunky jewellery will always have slight differences in the designs, which makes them super unique and personal for you! To order from EarringsByEva, send her a direct message on Instagram.

Make a statement

If you buy your chunky jewellery from small brands, you are not only making a statement with the size of your earrings. Buying from small businesses makes a statement that you are in support of smaller brands over corporations. It shows where your consumer values are, for example only buying your jewellery from female-run businesses or ethical and sustainable brands. If you want to support LGBTQ+ inclusive brands, make sure to find a brand that aligns with that. Put your spending in alignment with your values to demonstrate what you represent and who you want to support!

Bindi Makes is a beautiful small brand which creates mega statement earrings and accessories, perfect for festivals, parties or just being bold on your sofa! We particularly love her XXL Smiley Hoops which are topped off with glitter and sterling silver hoops, and would brighten up any Monday blues.


More colour choices

For many artists, they create similar styles of chunky earrings in a wide variety of colours. Ever had that feeling where you LOVE a pair of earrings except the colour or the hardware used? With small businesses, they are likely to offer a range of colours so you won’t ever have that colour-stuck moment again! If they don’t offer a colour you want yet, get in touch with the owner, they may be able to order in the materials needed to fulfil your colour request - you definitely can’t do this when buying from the high street, so make the most of this opportunity within small brands.

For example, Felt Fancy offers felt designs in a multitude of colours so you will always find the perfect pair of earrings to match your outfit and personal style. They also sell multi-coloured necklaces and bracelets if you are feeling a rainbow vibe or super bold and bright look!


Can get custom designs

Alongside a range of colours and designs, many jewellery brands offer custom services - so you could literally figure out your ideal pair of chunky earrings to request and buy from the designer. This is amazing if you have a friend’s birthday coming up and you want the jewellery to be personalised or fit their style exactly. Artists are usually happy to hear your ideas for custom designs, and who knows maybe your idea will be used in a future collection!

SillyBooDesigns offers custom polymer clay earrings in a range of bright colours so you can pick exactly what you are looking for! They also sell hair barrettes if you are looking for some chunky, colourful hair accessories.


Support the artist directly

By purchasing chunky jewellery from the small brands, you are more likely to be supporting the artists and designers directly. This is great because you can connect with and find out more about the business from the person who runs it, perhaps hearing about the inspiration behind the particular design you are buying. Through supporting the designer directly, you can encourage and support their sustainable, ethical practices. Remember to give the small brand you support a review on their website/Etsy store, it helps them generate more sales and helps other customers to make a decision when thinking about buying their own chunky jewellery.


Here at Your Best Friend’s House we are all about supporting small businesses and independent artists, you can check out our product collections here.