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April 13, 2021 4 min read

Reasons Why you Should Buy Unusual Jewellery

While fine and classic jewellery is beautiful, often the options are minimal, with little room for self expression and playfulness. In addition, this sort of jewellery is typically very expensive, only allowing us to invest in a few pieces throughout our lifetime.

When colour, pattern, shape and unique design is your thing, unusual jewellery could be the answer. Often handmade, striking and stylish, unusual jewellery is affordable, allowing you to invest in a few key pieces that perfectly reflect your sense of style, or a wide variety of designs if you love to switch up your look depending on your mood.

In case you need any further convincing, here are five reasons why you should buy unusual jewellery...

1. There are so many different designs to suit your own unique style

The options are pretty much endless when it comes to colour, shape, size, style and finish. Different jewellery designers take different approaches, many of which have their own iconic style. Because of this, you are able to find a maker (or a few!) that aligns perfectly with your own sense of style. Whether you favour a bold look and love to layer up several pieces of jewellery, or you’re more minimal and want to add interest to your look with unique accessories, in choosing to invest in unusual jewellery you can feel much more ‘you’ than might ever be possible with classic designs.

If oversized accessories are your thing, Bindi Makes will be right up your street. Created out of a belief that there’s always an excuse to dress up, Bindi Makes’ designs are bold, colourful, playful and definitely unique.

Shop Bindi Makes here: https://ybfh.co.uk/collections/bindi-makes

YingYang Earrings, Unusual Jewellery Bindi Makes Your Best Friend's House


2. It’s made to last, but without the extortionate price tag

One of the most favoured materials used to make unusual jewellery is polymer clay. This is an incredibly versatile material, allowing the maker to shape and mark the clay in any way they please. It also offers a huge variety of colours, and can also be painted to add detail. This means that the opportunities are endless when it comes to design.

In addition, polymer clay once baked or dried is very hardwearing, meaning it won’t chip or scratch. This makes unusual jewellery, particularly when made from polymer clay a great investment, as it will last for years to come, but doesn’t have the hefty price tag. 


3. It can by playful, or classic

When we think of handmade jewellery, many of us probably think of bold colours and chunky designs, however that isn’t always the case. Yes handmade jewellery can be incredibly playful, but it can also be more classic in design, simple and minimal, and everything in between. The options really are endless, making it easy to find a brand or maker that really suits your style.

Cloud + Clay are a great example of how unusual jewellery can also be more minimal and sophisticated. Made from polymer clay, the designs feature simple shapes, soft colour palettes, and rose gold, gold and silver details.

Shop Cloud + Clay here: https://cloudandclay.co.uk


4. The colour options are endless

If colour is your thing, look no further than handmade jewellery. Allowing you to be really playful with your look, this type of jewellery can be layered for an eclectic look, or worn alone for a bold impact. Classic jewellery is often lacking in colour, whereas unusual jewellery is quite the opposite. You can really express yourself with unique handmade designs - there’s no need to hold back!

Colour Designs made by Clare is a prime example of just how colourful you can go. Made in Somerset, Clare incorporates colour into all of her affordable designs, allowing you to go as bold as you dare.

Shop Colour Designs here: https://www.colour-designs.co.uk


5. Your purchase supports creative talent

When you find a brand or a maker you love, not only do you get to invest in pieces you will wear and cherish for years to come, but you can also support the creative talent behind the jewellery too. That’s seriously satisfying, knowing you’ve not only found a maker that aligns with your sense of style, but that you can also help them stay in business and encourage them to keep making more of their amazing designs.

If you love playful design, you definitely need to check out shopgrax. Created by Grace, AKA Grax, makes hand-shaped statement earrings from polymer clay. The colours and designs are bold, ideal if you’re looking for something completely unique. As a small business, every purchase with shopgrax really counts, and allows Grax to continue doing what she loves.

Shop shopgrax here: https://ybfh.co.uk/collections/shopgrax


There’s so much joy to be had with unusual jewellery. Much more of a statement than traditional pieces, handmade jewellery says a lot about who you are as a person, and will far better suit your own unique sense of style.