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May 07, 2021 4 min read

Choosing to support small businesses has become more important now and in the last year than ever. More and more small businesses are popping up every week and you can support them through online shopping, such as on our website ybhf.co.uk! You can find unique, exciting products for amazing value, perfect for gifts or even to treat yourself at the weekend. We love small businesses and so should you, so here are 10 reasons why you should support small businesses in 2021


1. Small businesses can be more environmentally aware

The scale of small businesses such as the beautiful Canal Candles means that sustainability can be at the forefront of their products and services. Buying from a sustainable small business not only reduces your impact on the planet, but encourages them to continue loving our world and considering how they can best run a low-impact business. Whether this be using recyclable packaging or even having the products be environmentally friendly. Canal Candles are deliberately made with soy wax, as it has a smaller impact on the planet, whilst also being vegan!


2. Support a person rather than a corporation

By directly supporting the artist or business-owner, you are directing your money to the person who deserves it most. Generally with small businesses this means both the artist, business owner AND sales manager (which could be roles all held by one person!) Purchasing items from a small business means that more profits go to the artist, and ensures the creator earns a fair wage. We love Cleo Rigby Design on Etsy, she has beautiful handmade cards!

3. Small businesses care more about their customers

With the smaller scale of these businesses, you are generally valued more as a customer than if you shopped at a large corporate store. For small businesses, every encounter with a customer is important and they are more likely to try and connect with you within this. The more direct customer service (from business owner to customer) means you will probably have a better overall experience, especially if you have questions or concerns.


4. Find unique designs and products

Small businesses are usually run by artists and individuals who design and create their own products. This means you can find some really unique and funky pieces that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. For some businesses, they create one-off products or each product is slightly different, so whatever you buy you could be the only person in the world with that exact thing. Having a unique, personalised item makes an amazing gift, adding a bit more personality and a special touch to the item. For some fabulous, bold earrings check out Groovy Bugs, which are made by the lovely Eva.


Groovy Bugs Earrings


5. You are providing a job for someone

While many small business owners run their business as a side-hustle or passion project, for some it is their full-time job. By purchasing products from a small business, you are directly supporting someone’s income and ensuring they can keep their job going. Supporting small means directly ensuring the owner is employed, perhaps even to help fund their family and life in general. In this way, your money has a more immediate impact on someone’s life, rather than being pushed into a multi-million pound corporation.


6. Help build a sense of community

Especially if you are supporting a local business, you can get to know local people and create a sense of community in your area. There is something quite heart-warming about knowing who will serve you in the local shop, or having a personal connection with the owner behind the business. If the company has similar values to you, you could even make new friends and acquaintances through supporting small businesses. Most sellers would be happy to talk about how their business started, or to share the inspiration behind their pieces. Start a conversation with the next small business you support!


7. Small businesses can offer great deals

As small businesses generally try to generate as many sales as possible, they can offer some amazing deals! Whether this is discounts on your first purchase or seasonal offers you can probably find a bargain. Some businesses even offer custom bundle deals, which are specialised offers just for you. Communicate with sellers and see what they can offer you!


8. Small businesses can be more diverse

Choosing a small business to buy from can mean choosing to buy from a diverse company. This could be that the business is black-owned or female-run, so you can show your support for diverse businesses by buying from them. Empowering diverse small businesses will encourage a more diverse industry and assure owners that they can create a successful business! At Your Best Friend’s House we are all about promoting diverse businesses such as Bindi Makes and Frankie Rose Illustration.


9. You could be helping out a friend or family member

10 Reasons Why You Should Support Small Businesses in 2021

If you have a friend or family member that runs a small business, help them out! As you know them already, you are one of the easiest customers they could have. For small businesses, every customer counts, whether that is a friend or stranger. Think of supporting your friend’s small businesses as doing them a kind favour. Choose their products over products from a corporate shop, think about who you could support before choosing to buy anything.


10. Support local community

Businesses that are based in your local area are worth supporting as the money you spend on their products is likely to be re-spent locally. So by supporting one small business, you are indirectly supporting another one. This will help build a network of small businesses in your area, creating community and providing more services. This doesn’t necessarily apply when it comes to shopping small businesses online, but regardless we want to encourage the building up of small-scale companies and the people behind them!


If that hasn’t convinced you to support small businesses, check out the Your Best Friend’s House website to find your next favourite accessory, art print or funky gift for a friend!