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April 13, 2021 5 min read

10 Reasons to Shop With Small Brands & New Creatives

In a world where everything is available at our fingertips, and we can make purchases in just a few clicks, how do you go about making buying decisions that are right for you? Today there is more choice than ever before, but what you choose matters, not just making a difference to you, but to others too.

There are so many reasons why you might want to shop small business, instead of spending your money with big corporations where you’re just another small fish in a very big sea. Here are 10 reasons to shop with small brands and new creatives...

1. You get transparency

With so much information online, it can be tricky to fully understand exactly what you are buying. Today we are typically short on time, meaning we want to make an informed decision that’s right for us, quickly and efficiently. When you shop with a small brand, particularly one you’re already familiar with, you have all the facts up front. Large brands that carry lots of products don’t always follow the same guidelines, whereas in choosing a small brand that you know aligns with your values, you can be confident that what you are buying is right for you.

Take the amazing Canal Candles as an example. Any candle you purchase from this small brand will be vegan, free from toxins, environmentally friendly and made with love. There’s no need to do additional research, spend ages fact checking or comparing products. With Canal Candles you can be confident in your purchase.

Shop Canal Candles here: https://ybfh.co.uk/collections/canal-candles


2. You can show your appreciation and respect for what that small business does

Just choosing to shop with a small business is a means of communicating respect and admiration. It takes a lot of courage to set up your own brand, to put your products out there, and a lot of hard work to create a saleable collection. Every purchase you make with a new creative gives them a boost, lets them know that what they are doing is worthwhile, and that people out there value their hard work and creativity.

Woman in studio YBFH


3. You can deal directly with someone that really cares

One of the big benefits of shopping small business is that you’ll often deal directly with the founder, or with someone integral to the brand. This means greater care, knowledge and support. So whether you’re having an issue with a previous purchase, or you want some extra help making a decision, there’s always someone knowledgeable and understanding there to help.

Fairly Odd, founded by Jodie is a great example of this. Jodie creates all of her jewellery herself, as well as stocking a few other brands that she loves, and so who better to ask for advice about her products, than the maker herself.

Shop Fairly Odd here: https://fairlyodd.co.uk


4. Your purchase means so much more

When you spend with a big brand, the money you invest doesn’t go very far, and doesn’t mean much in terms of positively influencing someone's life. It’s a very different story when you shop with a small brand or individual. The money you spend is their livelihood, it puts food on the table, keeps a roof over their head and makes them happy. It also helps support them in making a living doing what they love.

Grace, or ‘Grax’, of shopgrax says her work is a labour of love. Creating beautiful and unique earrings, Grax shapes, cooks, sands, drills and glosses each and every earring by hand. Starting out as a hobby, making colourful and playful earrings turned into a real passion for Grace.

Shop shopgrax here: https://ybfh.co.uk/collections/shopgrax


5. You can create meaningful relationships

If you’re used to shopping with big corporations, the idea of building a relationship with a brand might sound a little alien, however it is possible, when you’re a loyal customer of a small business. Getting to know the person behind the products can be really rewarding, and this means your purchase can mean so much more. When you start to learn about how each piece is made, the inspiration behind it and why that maker does what they do, you learn to really love and value that item.


6. You get access to originality that just isn’t available with mainstream brands

Generally speaking, the majority of people don’t choose to shop small business. This results in many of having the same things, with the items we choose having little or no connection to who we are as individuals. When you open your mind to smaller brands, you start to realise the joy in having items that are unique to you, rather than considered ‘on trend’ by the masses.

Bindi Makes is a prime example of this. Every piece made by this playful and unique brand is lovingly handmade, and can even be custom designed to suit you. Bindi Makes say: ‘You do you darling, because there are no rules’.

Shop Bindi Makes here: https://ybfh.co.uk/collections/bindi-makes

Bindi Makes Small Brand Owner


7. You can support the growth of the brands you love

Every purchase counts, and without you, small brands and new creatives wouldn’t be able to keep on going. Every purchase you make isn’t just an investment for you, it’s an investment in the future of a business that you love. Your money enables small brands to be able to stay in business, to grow and create new collections, and most importantly, create new pieces you’ll adore. 


8. You enable innovation and creativity

At the heart of every small brand is innovation and creativity. For many of us, it’s what we know best, and our lives would feel empty without the opportunity to create. In shopping with small brands, you enable that innovation and creativity. Without your support, it often wouldn’t be able to take place, at least not on the same scale.

Elley Home by Egle is proof of this. Egle designs every single one of her products and comes from a design background. She adores what she does, and without her loyal customers she wouldn’t be able to make Elley Home her main focus.

Shop Elley Home here: https://elleyhome.co.uk

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9. You can support great causes

Small brands are often much more invested in various causes, choosing to give back to charities and other movements. In addition, many small businesses take a more conscious approach to the production of their products. While of course this isn’t the case for everyone, in carefully selecting who you shop with, you can choose brands that support causes that really matter to you.

10. Your purchase might just make someone do a happy dance

One of the nicest things about shopping with a small brand or new creative is the positive impact it has on someone else’s life. Hitting ‘check out’ might make someone's day, they may even do a little happy dance.


There are so many great reasons to shop small business, we could go on and on. The value in choosing to support small brands and new creatives over large corporations is clear, and even just choosing to buy a handful of pieces from small brands instead of big names will make the world of difference to someone.


Shop our small brands here: https://ybfh.co.uk/collections